The Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) announces the registration for a MD degree for civilians (enrolment in January 2024



The Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) announces the registration for a MD degree for civilians (enrolment in January 2024) according to the following requirements:

MD` degree:

  1. A three year study, 2 part- time days in favour of teaching and training.
  2. Registration will start from 1/10/2023 to 31/10/2023 at The AFCM Postgraduate Studies department.
  3. Required Documents:
  4. An enrolment application to be filled at the AFCM postgraduate studies department.
  5. Authentic Bachelor's degree , grades and scores Statement and the internship authentic certificate).
  6. Authentic master’s degree certificate.
  7. National identity card (copy).
  8. Military service status
  9. A sealed health status statement approved by a governmental hospital or the AFCM educational hospital at Almaza district.
  10. 4 recent personal photos
  11. A registration approval letter of part- time study from workplace (Ministry of Health - General Organization of Teaching Hospitals and Institutes - General administration of specialized medical councils - ….)
  12. a freelance doctor (all documented in the National ID card + a recent certificate from the Medical Syndicate)
  13. English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL 500)
  14. A tuition fees statement.


  • The available academic and clinical departments:
  1. Academic departments:

1-Anatomy and Embryology

6-Medical Microbiology and Immunology

2- Histology

7- Medical Pharmacology

3- Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

8- Pathology

4- Physiology

9- Public Health and Community Medicine

5- Parasitology

10- Forensic Medicine


  1. Clinical departments:

1.           Internal Medicine

2.           General Surgery

3.           Pediatrics

4.           Obstetrics and gynecology

5.           Clinical toxicology

6.           Anaesthesia, Surgical ICU and pain management

7.           Intensive Care Medicine

8.           Psychiatry

9.           Clinical pathology

10.        Chest Medicine

11.        Neurology

12.        Cardiology

13.        Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

14.        Gastro-enterology and Hepatology

15.        Cardiothoracic surgery

16.        Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Burns


AFCM headquarters:

  • 6 Ihsan Abdel Quddous Street, off Al-Khalifa Al-Mamoun Street, next to Triumph Hotel.
  • For inquiries and extra details:

please contact the following numbers From 9 AM to 2 PM : (01001325753-01029889968)

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