Internship Programs

The (5+2)

  • internship program takes place over two years. Specifications of the program is in process so that it forms a continuum with the undergraduate clinical placements and serves as a transition stage between undergraduate and postgraduate training. Internship is EPA based and benchmarked with the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) EPAs and milestones and as well aligned with all the competences set in the CEMTA.
  • The internship program has a robust governance and leadership structure
  • The internship program is monitored by both an internal and external auditing committee. External auditing takes place biannually by delegates from Michigan State University. The committee issues a report which is considered in continuous improvements in the program. A comprehensive evaluation plan was also set up by the Director of Medical Education, presented and approved by the Scientific Council and implemented for two cohorts. The original evaluation plan is also attached but written in Arabic. reports for one of the rotations in Cohorts 1 & 2 are attached. Results of evaluation were presented in the Scientific Council and recommended actions for improvements approved.
  • In both programs as well as the internship phase, clerking occurs in all military hospitals as well as in the Clinical Skills & Simulation center (CSSC) in AFCM campus. Military Hospitals are rich with a variety of cases in all specialties. The names of the training hospitals, duration, detailed schedule, governance and leadership hierarchy are laid out in details in the Interns’ Guide.



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