Vision & Mission

College Vision:

To achieve excellence in medical education and scientific research and to become the regional reference in military medicine.


College Mission:

The Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) provides high quality medical education and training to graduate highly professional medical officers and researchers; committed to sustainable professional development and medical ethics, delivering high quality preventive and therapeutic healthcare services and conducting health and medical research to support the military and civilian health-care systems by collaboration and strategic alliances with national, regional and international institutes.

College Goals:

The AFCM was founded in 2013 with the aim of producing highly competent physicians who are dedicated to serve the army through modern effective and efficient medical practice and ready for military medical deployment. This includes practicing their unique brand of medicine anywhere in the world, from primary health care units to combat situations and most importantly, addressing all the requirements of a public health officer both at peace and in war. The educational system will ensure commitment to home loyalty, encourage altruism and inculcate military-discipline and morals, build up self-confidence, leadership skills and the mastering of military medical competences.

College Motto:

We don’t seek excellence, we strive for Uniqueness.

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