Positive Trial Results For Valneva Covid Vaccine


The Valneva Covid vaccine that the UK cancelled a 100m dose order for last month, works well at priming the immune system to fight coronavirus, phase three trial results suggest.

Blood results from volunteers who received the jab had high levels of neutralising antibodies against the pandemic virus.

It outperformed the AstraZeneca vaccine on this measure in head-to-head tests.

Valneva is seeking regulatory approval for its jab, manufactured in Scotland.

It is an inactivated whole virus vaccine, meaning it contains a dead version of coronavirus that cannot cause disease. This is the same way that flu and polio vaccines are made.

French pharmaceutical company Valneva said the vaccine had a "neutralising antibody seroconversion rate above 95%" and there were no severe cases of Covid seen in the trial despite variants, such as Delta, being in circulation.

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