Why to join AFCM?

  •  Undergraduate Programs.
  •  Postgraduate Programs.
  •  Well- structured Internship Program.
  •  Valid Assessment System.
  •  International Recognitions & Accreditations.
  •  International Alliances.
  •  Exquisite Faculty Development Programs.
  •  Engaging Learning Environment.


Undergraduate Program (5 + 2) : 

A unique program that differs from its likes.

Longitudinal well-structured modules that run throughout the cadets’ learning experience to graduate a round competent safe physician who is humane, culturally competent and adaptable, researcher & scholar.

“Clinical & Technical Skills Module” Early exposure to clinical & procedural skills.

“Research Module” Researchers & Scholars.

“Non-Technical Skills & Professionalism Module” Three unique tracks:.

  •  Humanities in Medical Practice Track.
  •  Soft Skills Track.
  •  Critical thinking Track.

Postgraduate Programs :

All our programs are EPA-Competency-based & approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.

You are not only awarded a Master program but also a Completion Training Certificate (CTC).

Over 50 PG programs in all specialties.

The GEM on the CROWN An EXQUISITE Master Program in Medical Education MEE 801 The second worldwide in its design, implementation & evaluation jointly with our Michigan State Partners.


Well- Structured Internship Program (5+2) :

Unique Benchmarked with the Core EPAs of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).

Unique Assessment & Evaluation Program.

Programmatic Assessment.

Impelling interns to continually improve their performance.


Exquisite Faculty Development Programs FDPs :

AFCM is a CEMTA accredited FDP Provider.

Satisfy the strategic, global, institutional and individual needs Professional & Educational FDPs.

Range from One-to-One Daily faculty development to Annual calendar of international, joint, national & local FDPs to Master Program in Medical Education MEE 801.

Joint Medical Education Certificates between AFCM & Michigan State University (MSU) International Certificate in Simulation-based education from MSU.



International Recognitions & Accreditations:

AFCM earned the Provisional Accreditation of its Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre (CSSC) CSSC is the first center in the Middle East that is accredited by the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) in the USA.


Exquisite Faculty Development Programs FDPs.

  •  Follows the international standards.
  •  A validated Assessment Cycle.
  • Our results are valid & reliable .
  •  All exams are monitored & psychometrically assessed.


Students Support & Engaging Learning Environment .

  •  Students have access to the “Canadian Question Bank” (CanqBank).
  •  Top students have the opportunity to access “Kaplan” program in preparation for their USMLE exams.
  •  Internship programs in reputable universities worldwide.
  •  Open-door leadership & Discipline.
  •  A well-structured “Mentorship Program”.



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