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Duties of cadets Brigade headquarters duties with new cadets:

  • Some cadets are selected from the final section (the last college year) to teach freshmen cadets how to start their military career and avoid all pressures and how to deal with medical and military subjects.
  • Instilling a spirit of defiance among new cadets to conquer all circumstances during the military preparation period
  • Escorting new cadets to be introduced to college departments and buildings (barracks, miss hall, study rooms, laboratories, morgue, tailor, barber laundry).
  • New cadets are briefed about the daily work times of the college.
  • New cadets are introduced to various college recreational activities (painting, music, sculpture) sports activities (swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, karate) and gym.
  • Selection of new cadets who excel in sports and are enrolled in different clubs and federations to participate in the college's sports teams.
  • A Security briefing Conference is held in various fields to raise awareness among new cadets about the permissive, prohibited and restricted actions inside the Armed Forces.
  • Raising the physical fitness of new cadets.
  • Briefing new cadets about military discipline and respect for seniority.
  • Briefing new cadets about mutual respect between military, civilian and civilian police Personnel.
  • Introducing new cadets to military uniforms.
  • Developing and encouraging new cadets to work in a team spirit.
  • The Development of a spirit of loyalty and belonging to the Armed Forces the protective shield of our homeland.
  • Instilling confidence in new cadets and their ability to work efficiently through good training that makes them able to do their jobs regardless of their field of speciality.
  • Boosting the morale of new cadets.
  • Reinforcing a sense of responsibility for protecting and defending the nation.
  • Developing the cadets abilities to become successful and outstanding Physicians.

Ensuring that the cadets level of ambition commensurate with their level of capacity and planned objectives.


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