Before You Arrive


A special bed and closet are allocated to each cadet.

Each cadet is assigned a special place in the dining rooms.

Each cadet is assigned a special place within the lecture rooms.

Every cadet is assigned a special place within the studying rooms.

Personal tools and uniform used during the course of college study are processed to to be delivered to new cadets as soon as they arrive.

Medical treatment:

Armed Forces college of Medicine provides full medical care for cadets and includes preventive and curative care.

These services are as follows:

  • Medical examination of cadets before joining the college through the Medical Point, which provides all the primary services. Periodic medical checkup is performed before fitness exams.
  • Provision of emergency medical care within 24 hours, completion of all emergency referral procedures/medical care for cadets with high temperatures and isolation inside the college. Medical examination is at the Kobry Al.koba Hospital/Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Treatment at the College Gym
  • For services not available at the medical stage, the cadet is transferred to (Kobry Al.koba, Almaza, Maadi, Al Helmya) hospitals for medical examination, provided that the cadet returns to the medical point after his condition has been stabilized.
  • All necessary surgical operations for cadets are performed in (Kobry Al.koba, Almaza, Maadi, Al-Helmya) hospitals under the supervision of specialist doctors following the case and receiving a medical report on the cadet's condition.
  • Provision of essential and emergency medicines for all medical cases to AFCM cadets
  • Information on vaccinations, availability and issuance dates. All AFCM cadets were vaccinated with the new Corona virus vaccine (dose I and II) and the stimulant dose
  • Provision of periodic and seasonal vaccinations (e.g. seasonal flu vaccination)

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