Visiting a student


First Lieutenant Doctor

Ahmed Mahmoud Galal

Graduate Of The 2nd Batch Of Medicine College



The year of compulsory clinical training is an important and pivotal year in the life of newly graduated doctors, as its successful completion is a prerequisite for the issuance of a permit to practice the profession, and its successful completion and issuance of a permit to practice the profession is a prerequisite for their confirmation to serve as medical officers in the armed forces.In implementation of the directives of the general command of the armed forces to implement the Excellence program in an optimal manner and to ensure the efficiency of training and preparation of new medical officers in a technically and disciplined manner, the program has been prepared to meet the standards of the mandatory training authority in the Arab Republic of Egypt .this program has also been reviewed with the experts of Michigan State University to ensure its compatibility with

International standards in the competencies to be achieved during this year. the Department of medical services of the armed forces has provided all the necessary human, logistical and technical requirements to ensure the optimal implementation of the program. The program also took into account that the training on the basic skills needed as a doctor and also as a medical officer in the armed forces during his work in the tactical formations and the battle fields regardless of his medical specialization was added compulsory training on some basic skills in the initial handling of fractures and injuries and various life-saving reasons as well as preventive medicine and Infectious Diseases. These are non-compulsory specializations in the excellence programs that are implemented in the rest of the medical colleges in Egyptian universities.

The duration of the Excellence program is 52 weeks divided into: 6 compulsory basic training courses, each course duration is 8 weeks for a total of 48 weeks:

  •  General surgery.
  • General Internal Medicine.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Orthopedics / anesthesiology / superior care.
  • Preventive medicine and infectious diseases / emergency medicine.
  • An optional course with a total of 4 weeks, in which one exact specialty is selected from the list of available specialties for each trainee.

Graduates are evaluated after the completion of basic skills training according to each specialty in the logbook It is a special booklet for each doctor specific excellence with all the clinical skills required to be achieved in each specialty of the training course so that the supervisors and consultants sign the implementation of these skills and the required efficiency and the number of times implemented.At the end of each course, the training managers in the hospitals sign it and then it is reviewed by the competent clinical training Review Committee and approved by the director of the Excellence Program, which is Mr. deputy director of the college and the supervisors of training from the faculty members of the

college and doctors in different departments.Under the guidance of the director of the College, the college is keen to follow up and evaluate the trainees in hospitals through the periodic passage and the work of questionnaires for supervisors and trainees and poll their opinions in the training program and how to implement it. 

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