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The Musical Team Of AFCM

About the music and singing team in the AFCM, This activity started about 5 years ago, based on the directives of the college leadership. Hearing tones and imitating them as well as rhythms, a number of students have already been selected, and the trainers have trained them on a number of musical pieces and national anthems that are appropriate for the age of the students.

The lectures always contain some historical information about the chants of the historical stages that our dear Egypt has gone through. Distinguished students emerged from this team, and the college administration gave them a scholarship in the opera... The number of students is currently about 40 students. There are 4 keyboard players, 3 guitar players, 2 oud players, 2 percussionists, 6 violins. The rest of the group forms human voices and singing. The demand for musical activity in the college is increasing thanks to the conscious management, which in turn develops activity and raises the level of public taste for students.

The One Responsible For Training Students Are:

  •  Maestro/Hassan Fikri.
  •  Dr. Jamal Nofal.
  •  Dr. Naglaa Al-Sirjani.

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